Chan Chan

Project description:

Involved in a transformation between different worlds you detach from everything that is static. While changing your state you become an actor in the game of an ancient culture.  This project is an attempt to explore the dynamics of involvement of people in the acts of exploration and contemplation. Simulating these in a digital environment creates the arrangement of spacial formations. Furthermore, simulating the dynamics of formation of sand dunes creates the  landscape of the proposed structure.
A computer-based algorithm of simulated annealing finds the optimal distribution of room, access corridors, terraces and staircases according to proximity to each other, views and mediation between exploration of the ancient city and contemplation of the sea.
The Structure that would support the generated distribution of spaces is first outlined and then optimized as the structural members are simulated by springs connected in a system that finds optimal distribution of forces.
The structure is distorted by the spring system and that results in distortion of the floor plans.

Project title: CHAN CHAN, Competition Entry, “Lodge in the ruins of Chan Chan”
Authors: Fabiano Friedrich e Silva, Krassimir Krastev, Andreas Lacheta
Year: 2006